History UK

Oosterhof I/S has it's roots in Friesland, Holland.

In 1970 Hessel Jan and Tjallien Oosterhof acquired a farm in Oudkerk, Holland. Where they started out with
40 cows and sheep.

After 23 years they needed a new challenge so they sold the farm in Holland and bought Hyllested Østergaard farm in
Suldrup, Danmark.

1993 A new life starts at Hyllested Østergaard in march 1993.
200 cows and a old fashioned milking parlour.
100 Hactare.

In the fall of 1993 the barn was rebuild til an ........ and in the same building a new milking... was estahblished.
Delaval 2 x 12 side by side.
1996 Heidi moves to Danmark.
1998 Torndal farm was bought and the I/S company was founded.

Torndal had at that time room for a part of the heifers (80).

The machine barn was rebuilt into a hall where the annimals can move around freely on a bed of straw.

Heidi and Pieter made this their family home.
2000 The existing open stall barn at Hyllested Østergaard was extended. There was now room for 350 cows.
2005 New modern milking parlour built. Delaval 2 x 28 side by side.
The herd was increased to 550 cows.

Land an milk quotas were gradually increased.
2006 The newly built calf an heifer barn was completed. There is capacity for 540 youngstock.
2009 Fladhøjgaard farm purchased. The existing pig production continued for to years, then the pigs were sold.
2010 The second open stal barn was built at Hyllested Østergaard with room for 200 cows.
There 850 cows in total now.
2013 Troldemosegaard farm purchased.